Koplan Kaban

Koplan Kaban is an independantly run outer rim space port and refuge for fringers, criminals and those who got on the wrong side of the alliance.


Many decades ago, this moon was surveyed and was found to have a vast deposit of rare ores. The rights were sold to Void Corp who then exploited the moon for it's resources. Once it ran "dry" of ore, operations were shut down and the moon was subsequently left abandoned. Years later, a pirate group under the leadership of Nora Sun discovered the abandoned mining facility and made it their base of operations. The forgotten facility of Koplan Kaban made it ideal as it was no longer shared or updated on most navigational charts. 

After several years of successful pirating, their base on Koplan Kaban grew. Using their ill-gotten wealth and numerous captured slaves the pirates restored several habitats of the abandoned facility. Word of this refuge grew, and those seeking solice from alliance law would end up there.

In recent years, while Koplan Kaban still remains off most star charts, the Koplan system itself is not. All a pilot or captain of a ship needs to do is set a course to to rogue planetary body that is Koplan Kaban. It has become a bed of criminal activity, with several habitats remodelled to serve as casinos, bars, brothels and just about any other recreational activity that one can think of that caters to the spacer folk who pass through here. A futuristic pirates bay of sorts. It's a good location to pick up a handy crew who are morally open to breaking a few laws to make a profit, lay low for a while or take a break off ship to spend hard earned credits. 

Ruling over it all still, is the famed pirate queen, Nora Sun. Her appetite for carnal desires is rumored to be insatiable. The base tends to host illegal sporting activities, including lethal space combat tournaments, pit fighting that is usually "to the death", and the like. The base exports no goods, instead relies on the profits made from the services provided to space weary travelers.


Astronavigational Data: Koplan System – Outer Rim

Orbital Metrics:  Rogue Planetoid

Government: Pirate/Criminal

Population: 3 to 10 thousand. A combination of slaves, transient spacers and those who work in the various establishments.

Terrain: Barren Moon. Life is restricted to the various habitats and underground facilities.

Areas of Interests: Casinos (Lucky Sun Casino), brothels (Nora's End, Sleezy Tacos), various bars/cantinas. "The Underground", a pit fighters underground arena. 


Koplan Kaban

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