Hal Jaynum

The current captain of the YT-2400 "Gretchen". He has transitioned to running his own private crew within the Oasis Frontier umbrella.

During the war, he had a reputation fighting for the Independent Coalition Forces (ICF) against the then Allied Core Federation which went on to become known simply as "The Alliance". He is now a legend in the mercenary world, having run more successful missions than any other hired gun known. It was said they'd send him on the so-called "Suicide Missions", because with Hal Jaynum heading the charge, it suddenly stopped being a suicide mission. 

The players have encountered Hal Jaynum defending his ship from their attempts to jack it. 

In a moment of revelation, it's suddenly clear that THIS guy might be the reason Shinobi Ren didn't want to make a deal with you for moving cargo. 

Hal Jaynum

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