Omega Reach

One Less Friend

The Pirate Cove - Koplan Kaban

The players wrap up their business on the colony moon Persuis-6. With a load of credits, low-tech commodities, the well-rested crew take to the stars once more for the moon base refuge of Koplan Kaban. A well-known pirate cove in criminal circles, the base is a good place to pick up work, and even get their ship a clean registration. Jeeter has been there before, and has even locked up a stash of cash there before his last job. 

Setting course, it takes 3 days via hyperspace to reach the Koplan System, and another 10hrs in sublight to reach the moon base. An uneventful trip in all, save the fact that the ships doctor spends most of it stimmed out of his mind experimenting with different cocktails of enhancement drugs. 

At Koplan Kaban, the crew run into a small problem of extortion. The pirate run moon base don't take well to corporate vessels landing there, and were changing well over five times the price to dock. Their attempts to convince the pirates that they weren't corporate were useless as that's what their ship is registered as. Opting to take care of the problem "later", the crew set out to the habitats to pick up Jeeters money, and start looking for a job. 

The crew started to notice a trend of extortion through out the base, where even simple transport between habitats cost money. Deciding to save a few credits and walk, the group arrived at "Habitat Risen" where the Lucky Sun casino was located. The base was a bit busier than normal, likely due to a "Pit Fighting Championship" that was being hosted here. An illegal, to the death, gladiator sport that attracts all manner of voyerism. 

The voice of an old friend surprises Lor and Frank. "I can't believe it. You two are still alive!  I was sure Void Corp would have had you killed for that stunt we pulled on New Aquarius." It was Rocco Silk, an old mercenary mate from the Aegis Interplanetary Defense Services. He made some small talk with Lor and Frank, mentioned how times have been hard, but he finally scored his first job since that botched mission for Void Corp many years ago. 

The conversation turned sour though. Mentioning his sister who had died, Rocco asked Lor and Frank a favor. "Die" as the giant of a man lunged forward slashing the unprepared Lor with his vibroax. Even Rocco's own men were surprised by the sudden change in mood. A quick scuffle ensued, with Dr. Fenrig, Rolf and Lor being wounded.  

Cooler heads mostly prevailed, but not before Lor blasted the head off the unconscious Rocco Silk in a vicious display of dominance and lethality. The hired guns of Rocco surrendered and backed off once they saw their employer murdered. No security forces came running, and while the fight drew some spectators, most of them left once the fight was over. 

Frank collected the big mans dog tags, feeling a little remorseful that their old friend and battle mate had to die like that. In the search, he also found a datapad, with the last note entry detailing the meet location for a job.

"Tara Cold – Sub-level 1; Supply Rm 12. Moon Time – 7pm.  Extraction Job – 30,000cr"  

Frank knew right away – that is an unusually high paying job for an extraction, there's probably more to it. The credits were too good to pass up knowing more, so the group resolved to meet this Tara Cold in six hours. 

They decided to spend the bulk of that time enjoying the entertainment at the Lucky Sun casino. Jeeter retrieved his lock box for a steal of a price and the promise of some drinks with the clerk. An extra item was added to his box two days ago, by his cousin and friend "Cleavon". He sent a message informing Jeeter he was working on tracking down the Blue Jazz after that betrayal on Yara Von. He also knows why Commander Highgarden is after Jeeter, but it's personal. He'll only tell him in person. Says the next time he's able to, to come visit him on the planet Shara'von, the trip will be on him." 

Embedded in the message, there was a hidden message in thieves cant. Cleavon's brother was killed in an alliance raid. The alliance has been clamping down on crime on that planet lately. 

The group spends their time gambling, shopping or otherwise drinking/cavorting with various individuals, killing time and gathering information. Jeeter ends up being the most successful at the tables, winning 500cr at a game of poker. Rolf found a group of academics who came to watch the illegal fights. He learned a few far-flung tales of "earth that was", magical technology and a city deep in the core of Koplan Kaban. Mostly dismissed by the academics as unsubstantiated rumors, that one drunk professor was adamant they were true! 

Dr. Fenrig, enamored with this experience, shuffled through endless data pages detailing the various equipment and gear that is available on the black market here.  You can buy grenades here. People with grenades IN THEM!! He was genuinely excited about what they could buy.

Digging up information from a previous contact, Zeb, the group learned more about Tara Cold. A new pirate matron of the "Cold Hearted" pirates clan who showed up on the scene in this region from literally no where. Her past, and lack-there-of is a real mystery, one Zeb is willing to pay top dollar for if it's juicy. She has a marauder assault class corvette cruiser as her flag ship (some serious fire power there) with some people saying up to 12 fighter craft escorts. She's been hitting big targets lately, and rising up the clan ranks. There's talk that a turf war is in the works with the larger clans, as she's been cutting into others business. She's a legit bad ass, and rumors say her sex appeal is off the charts. She's on-planet right now recruiting more crew, fielding a team for the pit fighting championships and hiring independents for an extraction job. Zeb is also paying for information on the details of that extraction job. 

After a medical patch up, the group left the casino, and went to scout the meeting location. It takes 30 minutes to reach the sub-levels by foot, and once there they found a pretty nondescript supply room with mundane supplies and equipment present. A pirate arrives 10 minutes later with a bag and is surprised to see people already there. The group allow the man to set up a holo-projector system on some crates, and then he leaves. Opting to wait the 2 hours they make a few bets, with players expecting they're going to be sent to rescue the pirates daughter, or something else similar to justify the high price tag. They also expected not to be dealing with the pirate matron herself.

When the call arrives, Tara Cold is not surprised to see the group, likely her man alerted her two hours ago of the crew waiting at the meet up. They however, were surprised to be dealing with her directly. Tara had done her homework on the team, and was well aware of their skills. She detailed out the job, and why she wants a 3rd party to handle it. 

Job: Extraction/Kidnapping
Target: Peter Grey – Executive of Void Corp. Head of Logistics for the Outer Rim.
Target is to be delivered <u>alive</u> to her flag ship, "Frozen Revenge" within the next 14 days. He is currently aboard a luxury cruise ship, "The Diamond Monarch" in the Pontius System. It's a 3 week cruise, and it's currently 4 days in on it's 21 day journey.
She desires to flip the executive, and have him serve her by providing detailed information on ships, routes and cargo. Such information has extreme value to a pirate clan looking to make surgical hits. She's hiring the crew because of their well known "disagreements" with Void Corp over the years. It must look like a revenge kidnapping, otherwise Void Corp might suspect the pirates true plot. So no pirate crews, no pirate interference.  

She then provided more details about the job, complications, and other assistance the Cold Hearted pirates were willing to offer if the crew accept the terms. Intimidated by her mere holo-pressence, the group opted not to negotiate the price and accepted the job at 30,000 credits, with a 10% down payment. 

The devil in every job is in the details. So the group head back to the habitats to get more information on the target and location, before blasting off once more into the depths of space to kidnap Peter Grey.

To be continued …



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