Omega Reach

Last Stand of a War Hero

A Doctorate in Distractions

Captain Hal Jaynum was first to draw his weapon. With the trained reflexes that come with years of war, the old war dog blasted Jeeter in the chest while diving for cover.

"Lets send these punks back to hell boys!" he called out inspiring his crew to battle. 

His crew leapt into action, pulling their blasters, and rushing headlong into battle. A group rushed the teams position blasting away landing a few lucky shots on Rolf as he and Jeeter both dove for cover. Frank and Lor pulled their rifles from their hiding places, and returned fire.

Dr. Fenrig however, decided to change the conditions of the fire fight, and bravely ran forward, making a b-line to the ships ramp, which was still open. Captain Hal saw the danger of the maneuver, took aimed shot to the doctors knee, hobbling the sprinting opponent. This gave his co-pilot and first mate, "Walnut" a chance to impose himself between the doctor and the ramp, and landing another blaster shot on the doctor. More crew members moved to engage the doctor, in an attempt to keep him from getting on the ship.

The distraction, while inflicting great pain on the doctor, opened the door for the rest of the team to land some hits. Jeeter managed to finish up the three crewmen who charged their positions, while Frank and Lor teamed up to snipe the first mate Walnut, blowing off his legs and taking him out of the fight. 

Hobbled, but not out of the fight, the doctor managed to knock out another crew member engaged with him, while taking yet another hit, this time from the ships engineer, who moved to flank the doctor from the front of the ship. 

Rolf, feeling rather out of place in a good ole shoot-out, tried to help out by shooting at the cover that Captain Hal was behind, with blind luck playing a bigger factor in his success rather than skill. Discouraged, the academic decided that actively helping his teammates was a better use of his time and provided suppressing fire which aided in the attacks of Frank and Lor. 

Impressed by the good doctors resilience to pain, decided to test out how much further it went, leveling a critical wound to the doctor. Knowing he was near his tolerance threshold, the doctor knocked out the remaining crewmen, and hobbled his way up the ramp in an attempt to get away from the battle. The crew fired several shots trying to gain the attention of Captain Hal, but with little success. 

Hal chased Dr. Fenrig up the ramp, blasting the doctor yet again, who at this point was barely holding on after multiple blaster and stabbing wounds. He whipped out a stimpack, and rolled off the ramp to the pad below, where the engineer at the front of the ship blasted him yet again. 

With all opposition between them and the ship removed, the mercenary duo of Frank and Lor rushed forward, blasting Hal several times. However, it was Jeeter who finished the old war hero off, while tripping on some cables in the process. 

With Captain Hal defeated, the engineer lost his bravado and decided to make a run for it. Lor, got down to one knee, lined up a shot and blasted the fleeing engineer straight in the back of the head. 

Dr. Fenrig provided stabilizing first aid to their opponent and prevented Jeeter from ending the war hero's life. Meanwhile, Rolf and Frank set to barring the doors, just in case a security team was on it's way after the loud blaster battle. Lor set to looting the weapons and equipment from the crew, happy to rebuild an arsenal of weapons and armor. 

As the crew got started on the pre-flight checks, the space port control hailed the ship as the engines came to life. Lying about how they need to get going early to cash in on a bonus for early delivery, the space port control was about to relay departure vectors when she was suddenly cut off.

In her place, Commander Highgarden was on the comms. "I know you're on that ship Jeeter. Give up now, and you won't be destroyed."  Not believing a word the commander had to say, Jeeter punched it and blasted out of the space port hanger, narrowly avoiding several other ships that were on approach to the space port.

"You can run Jeeter, but no matter where you go, I will find you.", Highgarden calmly threatened over the comms. Jeeter then proceeded to routinely mock the commander as four alliance interceptors raced in pursuit of the stolen YT-2400. 

As they closed in, Frank leveled his sniper training to his advantage to surprise the alliance interceptors, blasting one at longer range almost destroying it. A quick battle ensued thanks to the accuracy and training of the merc team. Jeeter managed to keep the damage to the ship at a minimum, dodging a few shots against the ship while Dr. Fenrig struggled to keep up as co-pilot. Rolf, coordinating the firing arcs multitasked as he had the navigational computer calculate new coordinates to the outer rim and away from the Alliance, of whom they just destroyed a few of their ships. 

Before additional ships could join the battle, the stolen Oasis Frontier ship jumped to the safety of hyperspace, with a route plotted to a recently colonized moon called Persius-6. Ten days of rest onboard the ship traveling through hyperspace followed, giving the crew time to recover and get to know each other better. Stories of their predicaments were shared, while various members trained hard on various talents and skills during the downtime. Their encounters on Yara-Von showed them that they worked well together as a team, and together they could accomplish more than if they were on their own. 

Upon arriving at the moon colony, the new crew of the stolen Gretchen were dismayed to learn there colonists didn't have much money to barter with for their stolen cargo. Only able to obtain 4000cr for their cargo, with another 4000 open to barter in services and items, they decided to settle on the deal and spent five days on the moon getting their ship repaired and plotting there next course of action. 

After weighing their options, they decided to travel to the moon base of Koplan Kaban, where Jeeter has a lockbox with 5000cr stowed away. The base is run by criminals and outlaws, so there's a good chance they'll be able to find someone to help them spoof a new transponder and registration for their stolen ship. Problem is, even if they pool their credits, they may not have enough to pay for that modification.

Taking off from the small settlement of FarCaynon on Persius-6 a new crew sets out into the great unknown of the fringes.



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