Omega Reach

Kidnapping Peter Grey
...and a few others too

Finding Peter Grey in a ship with thousands of passengers wasn't going to be easy. The penthouse level of suites weren't accessible without a special key card. A quick call down to Jesus Dag, he began the process of acquiring one from security discretely. 

However, armed with a recent photo of the executive, they began to search current events and venues to find their prey. After a few places came up bust, they found him with a young attractive woman enjoying a Jazz show in a small bar, recreating an old 1920's style era. The room had a large number of guests, so blending in was easy. Jeeter managed to identify at least 6 bodyguards in the room, in a bubble formation with Peter Grey being the center of it. 

Lor took about hobnobbing with the rich, older women, in search for a suger momma. His first few attempts failed, and he resigned himself to get free drinks from a grandmother named Doris McGarny, who regaled him with stories of her children and grand-children. As long as she kept buying him drinks, he did not mind the stories nor the distraction she provided him. 

While Lor, Rolfe and Jeeter hobnobbed in the upper class, Frank and Dr. Fenrig were allocated to mechanical repair work aboard the Jokes Fortune. A poor deal that they didn't really seem to mind.

Over the next 24-48 hours, the group took turns putting surveillance on Peter Grey, so that his watchful guards wouldn't become suspicious. They learned he liked to keep a pretty consistent routine. Breakfast alone, usually in a lounge with a view of the Nebula. Followed by a morning of swimming, again, alone with no one else in that particular pool, with his body guards watching the area. Lunch was always somewhere different, and accompanied by the young heiress Winny Tiss. Together they would catch a live show in the afternoon. By dinner, he would change his company to the lovely Kelly Vanders, a beautiful and comparably more mature woman. They would eat and spend the night dancing at one of the various venues offered on the ship. He would then return alone to his suite, to repeat the day again at different places, but with the same people. It was unclear to the group if the man Peter Grey was gay, or was batman. Both women were clearly infatuated with him, but he never took them back to his room.

The only hiccup during the two days, was the unfortunate run in with one of the ships security details doing a routine patrol. Having recognized the group, and knowing they were not where they should be, he tried to raise an alarm. However, Jeeter and Rolfe were faster than him, and after grabbing his gun, stunned him unconscious. With Dr. Fenrig's help, they drugged the man to remain unconscious for several hours. However, on the second application, there was an unexpected complication, and the security detail died of a fatal heart attack. Likely due to a pre-existing condition, or so the doctor claimed. Later that same night, with Private Dags help, they hid the corpse in the turbo-lift shaft. Luck was on their side, as the dead security patrolman wasn't well liked and did a piss poor job, so there wasn't a lot of people looking for the AWOL crewman, at least not yet.

Over the two days, several plans were postulated, but only one formed as the agreed upon solution. Using the reclusive personality of Toby Roman, an outer rim billionaire whom many know of, but few have actually seen, the group would lay a trap for Peter Grey, luring him from his routine schedule with a private tour on a shuttle of the nebula and whales. 

Once aboard the shuttle, the group would subdue Peter Grey, hijack the shuttle and dock with the Jokes Fortune. Once docked, they'd transfer themselves and Peter Grey and jump away safely before the escort of the Diamond Monarch could be alerted. The route of the shuttle took them into the Nebula, where visually they were obscured, and while scanners still worked, they were less effective. It provided cover, and limited the involvement of ship security to just that of Peter's personal bodyguards.  Given his behavioral patterns, he often kept his guard at a distance when with his lady friends, so involving them gave them a better chance at less security.

After a trial run however, the Diamond Monarch did not believe the ruse of Frank and Rolfe that the ship needed a few more repairs before being space worthy. After an examination of the ship, they gave the crew of the Jokes Fortune 24hrs to leave, as they were revoking Samaritan Protocol on grounds their ship was adequate enough to make a trip to a safe port on it's own volition. 

Fortunately, it was just enough time to put the plan into action. Charming a tour guide, Jeeter managed to get her to reserve a whole shuttle for the following afternoon. She was clearly attracted to the criminal bad boy type, as she was quickly "giving up the goods" in a crew supply closet shortly there-after. Frank and Doris began spreading rumors that Toby Roman was on-board under an assumed alias "Türd Fürgeson", causing quite the stir onboard of speculation and rumor. 

A forged invitation for Peter Grey and a guest was made, and they then opted to use the youth and naivety of Winny Tiss to their advantage, presenting it to her and then using her to convince Peter to attend. It almost didn't work, and in a way failed to get the reaction they had hoped. Peter was suspicious of the invitation, and when he showed up for the tour, he had more bodyguards than expected with him in tow. Dr Fenrig was to pretend to be Toby Roman, while Jeeter and Frank masqueraded as his security guards. 

Meanwhile, Rolfe, Jesus Dag and Frank made their way to the Jokes Fortune, to time another test flight at the same time the tour shuttle was departing. Arriving in the Keel hanger-bay, Frank almost needed a change in pants at what he saw parked there.  "Vodka Shots", a firespray style patrol craft, one of only a handful in existence, and this one in the ownership of Coren Svatwakowski, the hunter chasing him and Frank since Yara-Von.  He began to move on double-time, as an encounter with the group split up with a bounty hunter was not something he wanted to risk. When requesting permission for one final test flight, the hanger security dispatch began to stall them. Panic began to set in, could they risk making a run for it, chancing the gambit of ship defenses to make it to hyper-space?

Unable to tell if the hunter Coren was outside their ship or not after some hesitation, Frank made a call and took off without clearance. Too much risk trying to cross the ship to join up with their friends at the shuttle. 


Meanwhile on the shuttle, there was a tension in the shuttle. After some distance was between the Diamond Monarch and shuttle #3, Peter Grey finally made a confession. 

"There's been threats on my life recently, and I'm sorry to say this Toby Roman, but your security detail has been infiltrated! I know who you are Lor Enz." With that, all four of his guards draw their weapons to shoot at Lor. A scuffle breaks out in the cabin. Dr. Fenrig punched Peter Grey to the ground, where he remained taking cover under his security. Jeeter and Lor exchanged blaster fire, using stun bolts to ensure their quarry remained un-injured in the fight. However, the bodyguards were using lethal rounds, and kept blasting at Lor and Dr.  Fenrig with multiple hits. Some quick shooting and thinking from Lor disabled the ships communication relay, preventing the pilot crew of alerting the Diamond Monarch of the battle. The cruise ship however, had other priorities at that moment.


Frank was doing his best to bank and roll the Jokes Fortune, but space piloting wasn't exactly his forte. The massive cruise ship kept pace initially, and eventually got a lock with the ventral tractor beam. If he didn't act quickly, they'd be stuck and unable to jump to safety. Sending a coded message to Lor that they had to abandon the meet up due to complications, he began a series of maneuvers to roll out of the firing arc of the tractor beam. Jesus Dag kept blasting away at the gun-placement, having limited success but not enough to disable the gun. Rolfe was busy putting in hyper space revisions and providing firing solutions for Jesus Dag to act on. The situation looked bleak as the cruise ship managed to match Franks evasive maneuvers and the tractor beam continued to tighten it's hold on the ship. 

Finally jumping in the co-pilots seat, together Rolfe and Frank managed to spin the ship and bank it up and around to the port side of the Diamond Monarch, out of range of the tractor beam and thus breaking it's hold on the vessel. Jesus called up in a panic, "ugh guys, we got bigger problems now!" as the ship buzzed passed a Heavy Ion Cannon turret swiveling to take a shot. It narrowly missed the Jokes Fortune moments before the starscape stretched before them and they jumped to the safety of hyper space. 

Lor, Jeeter and Dr. Fenrig were now on their own on a shuttle outnumbered by body guards.


A successful neck strike dropped the first of four body guards. Jeeter and Lor focused fire, blasting the heavy pistol from the hands of not one, but two body guards. Dr. Fenrig moved in on the one they were focusing on, and after a deft knee-to-groin maneuver, a second guard was down. Frank stun blasted a third, and knocked the fourth to the ground with a shot to the leg. With no gun, and on the ground, the final remaining body guard made a panicked dash for his weapon. Jeeter was done with this fight, and finished him off with a shot to the back of the head. 

They were a little less for wear after the fight, with Lor having a couple minor nicks from plastic debris from his cover cutting at him. Dr. Fenrig threatened the pilots to maintain course into the nebula, and after realizing their friends had to abandon them, got to work binding the shuttle crew and plotting a hyper space jump. The shuttle didn't have a fast hyper-drive, but it would suffice in the situation. About 5 minutes later, they were clear of the nebula and jumping to safety. In the commotion of the Jokes Fortune's departure, the Diamond Monarch was blinded to the sudden course correction and hyper-jump of one of it's shuttles until it was too late. 


Several days later, the crew reunited and their target safely acquired, they met with the Cold Hearted pirates at the designated coordinates. Happy with the job done, they were paid handsomely. The crew had their first successful mission together under their belts now, with a looming decision on what to do next?

1. Do they take additional work from Tara Cold, who is offering another big paying job to re-insert Peter Grey?

2. Return to Koplan Kaban to deal with the threat of Coren Svatwakowski, who is still hunting them? They just received intel that he's threatening their friend and information merchant Zeb. 

3. Get their ship clean and registered, to set off for adventure elsewhere in the cosmos? 

4. Or investigate any number of fresh new leads that they have learned about in the past 2 weeks? 

A new adventure awaits next week.

The Diamond Monarch
Laying the ground work for kidnapping

Accepting the job to kidnap Peter Grey, the crew got to work gathering the details. 

Jeeter and Frank checked out the ship, "Jokes Fortune", to see how it's rigged up to fail. Once determining it would be safe, Jeeter set in motion a plan to bring their replacement parts along for the journey. They'd need an escape option once aboard "The Diamond Monarch", and repairing their crippled ship was a safe baseline solution should no other options present themselves. 

Rolfe went to researching the cruise line, the ship and the nebula. He got a good detailed spec on the ship, passenger/crew capacity and cost for a package. He effectively ruled out boarding as valid guests at a 10,000cr a person price tag at the lowest ends. He also learned the Hopps Nebula has some interesting mysteries, and it's nature definitely supports a ship landing itself in distress as part of a cover story for getting on board the luxury liner.

Lor set about finding out information, however, he only managed to annoy patrons who were trying to watch a pit fight. His efforts landed him being escorted out until the fights were over. He had little luck on the streets themselves. 

Jeeter was in full heist planning mode. His next action was to find some uniform samples and had a set of disguises made up. Frank, with the help of Rolfe, looked up the Samariton Protocols, and learned they could be denied aid if they don't provide valid personal identifications. Jeeter contacted a Toph Rand who could do forgeries, and secured 4 fake identities, once that matched the former crew of the Jokes Fortune.

Jeeter became "Biff Turkle". 
Frank became "Filippi Sanchez".
Rolfe took on the guise of "Chet Frenchmen".
Lor accepted that he would pretend to be "Gus Miner". An ironically appropriate name.

With their packages secured, they set out on the 3 day journey around the nebula into the Pontius System. They discussed playing a game of D&D to pass the time in space.

Once in system, and locating The Diamond Monarch, they set themselves in position and activated their catastrophic engines failure, and luckily didn't blow their backup hyperdrive in the process. An hour passed, cold and dark as they waited rescue. A pod of whales however found them first and proceeded to bash away at their ship relentlessly for several minutes. Rolfe managed to lose balance and injure himself, while Jeeter recorded the colossal space whales up close. The awe of their size started to give way to fear they may actually destroy the ship when laser fire from another source began to drive the curious whales back into the nebula. 

"Jokes Fortune, this is Jay Squadron. Your ship is looking pretty rough, standby for tractor beam". The massive bulk of "The Diamond Monarch" came over head, and the "Jokes Fortune" was pulled aboard into a hanger bay. The hanger had four "CloakShape" fighter craft docked in hot-launch formation, and there was a high threat response team present to greet the players. 

After executing the Samaritan Protocol, and having their weaponry peace bonded, the group of pretend miners were escorted to some crew quarters to rest up and eat. Lor however, noticed their escort and babysitter, Jesus Dag, seemed to not enjoy his new posting. Rolfe did a little research, and deducted what bribe would be suitable to get "Private Dag" to switch sides and join them. After a little buttering up by Lor, Rolfe and Jeeter, Dag was down to help them for 1000cr and the promise respect, and a life of adventure. 

The plan at that point went as follows:

1. Repair the Jokes Fortunes sublight engines and restore the primary hyperdrive so they could jump to the Opula system and rendezvous with Tara Colds pirate fleet. Should take 1 1/2 to 2 days to complete the repairs. 

2. Use the uniforms to scout the ship and find Peter Grey. 

3. Convince Peter Grey to leave the ship with them, and make their escape.

With the help of Jesus Dag, the crew was able to smuggle their fake uniforms off the ship, and the next afternoon after arriving they set about scouting the ship. On the main concourse level of the ship, they were treated to a sight of extravagant decadence. Polished high grade woods, gold trims, marbled tiles, real trees, the luxury was almost obscene. With a little inside information from Dag, they found a common console, which they could attempt to hack. Alternatively, they knew security captains had direct access to secure information from their datapad. Jeeter was up to the task, and after finding one such captain, he moved in close, and lifted the pad unnoticed. The captain however detected moments later as he went to reach for his pad while talking to a junior officer. 

Thankfully, the captain assumed he must have left it at a security station and went back to look for it. With direct access, Rolfe was able to narrow down the states room of Peter Grey, and discovered the executive had one of just a few of the most expensive rooms and packages available for this cruise line. At this point, Jeeter realized his financial incentives to get Mr. Grey to accompany them might be a difficult sell, if the executive has that much money to throw around on a vacation. 

Just then, an announcement over the PA system was given. "The 2:30pm whale sight seeing tour is now accepting passengers. If you have a reservation, please proceed to hanger bay "A" on the port side. Checking the time, the players realize it's now 2pm on the second day aboard "The Diamond Monarch". Frank, who stayed with the ship to keep up repairs called them on the commlink.

"Hey, lets get some tuxedos or something so we can blend in with the passengers." Up to this point, it was clear the crew were not to interact with the passengers, to do otherwise would be to raise suspicion. Feeling flush with his stash money returned to him at the pirate base, Jeeter decided it was time to roll in fashion, and they visited a "JJ Tailors". He outfitted himself, Rolfe and Lor with some moderately expensive suits, dropping 1700cr on looking fly. 

As they were leaving the tailors shop, Rolfe notices the captains datapad has been remotely locked. Looks like the captain got back to the security center, and realized he didn't leave his tablet there. 

Dressed with new clothes, and Peter Grey's room number, the crew continues forward. After the fitting, it's close to 3pm aboard "The Diamond Monarch". 

To be continued…

One Less Friend
The Pirate Cove - Koplan Kaban

The players wrap up their business on the colony moon Persuis-6. With a load of credits, low-tech commodities, the well-rested crew take to the stars once more for the moon base refuge of Koplan Kaban. A well-known pirate cove in criminal circles, the base is a good place to pick up work, and even get their ship a clean registration. Jeeter has been there before, and has even locked up a stash of cash there before his last job. 

Setting course, it takes 3 days via hyperspace to reach the Koplan System, and another 10hrs in sublight to reach the moon base. An uneventful trip in all, save the fact that the ships doctor spends most of it stimmed out of his mind experimenting with different cocktails of enhancement drugs. 

At Koplan Kaban, the crew run into a small problem of extortion. The pirate run moon base don't take well to corporate vessels landing there, and were changing well over five times the price to dock. Their attempts to convince the pirates that they weren't corporate were useless as that's what their ship is registered as. Opting to take care of the problem "later", the crew set out to the habitats to pick up Jeeters money, and start looking for a job. 

The crew started to notice a trend of extortion through out the base, where even simple transport between habitats cost money. Deciding to save a few credits and walk, the group arrived at "Habitat Risen" where the Lucky Sun casino was located. The base was a bit busier than normal, likely due to a "Pit Fighting Championship" that was being hosted here. An illegal, to the death, gladiator sport that attracts all manner of voyerism. 

The voice of an old friend surprises Lor and Frank. "I can't believe it. You two are still alive!  I was sure Void Corp would have had you killed for that stunt we pulled on New Aquarius." It was Rocco Silk, an old mercenary mate from the Aegis Interplanetary Defense Services. He made some small talk with Lor and Frank, mentioned how times have been hard, but he finally scored his first job since that botched mission for Void Corp many years ago. 

The conversation turned sour though. Mentioning his sister who had died, Rocco asked Lor and Frank a favor. "Die" as the giant of a man lunged forward slashing the unprepared Lor with his vibroax. Even Rocco's own men were surprised by the sudden change in mood. A quick scuffle ensued, with Dr. Fenrig, Rolf and Lor being wounded.  

Cooler heads mostly prevailed, but not before Lor blasted the head off the unconscious Rocco Silk in a vicious display of dominance and lethality. The hired guns of Rocco surrendered and backed off once they saw their employer murdered. No security forces came running, and while the fight drew some spectators, most of them left once the fight was over. 

Frank collected the big mans dog tags, feeling a little remorseful that their old friend and battle mate had to die like that. In the search, he also found a datapad, with the last note entry detailing the meet location for a job.

"Tara Cold – Sub-level 1; Supply Rm 12. Moon Time – 7pm.  Extraction Job – 30,000cr"  

Frank knew right away – that is an unusually high paying job for an extraction, there's probably more to it. The credits were too good to pass up knowing more, so the group resolved to meet this Tara Cold in six hours. 

They decided to spend the bulk of that time enjoying the entertainment at the Lucky Sun casino. Jeeter retrieved his lock box for a steal of a price and the promise of some drinks with the clerk. An extra item was added to his box two days ago, by his cousin and friend "Cleavon". He sent a message informing Jeeter he was working on tracking down the Blue Jazz after that betrayal on Yara Von. He also knows why Commander Highgarden is after Jeeter, but it's personal. He'll only tell him in person. Says the next time he's able to, to come visit him on the planet Shara'von, the trip will be on him." 

Embedded in the message, there was a hidden message in thieves cant. Cleavon's brother was killed in an alliance raid. The alliance has been clamping down on crime on that planet lately. 

The group spends their time gambling, shopping or otherwise drinking/cavorting with various individuals, killing time and gathering information. Jeeter ends up being the most successful at the tables, winning 500cr at a game of poker. Rolf found a group of academics who came to watch the illegal fights. He learned a few far-flung tales of "earth that was", magical technology and a city deep in the core of Koplan Kaban. Mostly dismissed by the academics as unsubstantiated rumors, that one drunk professor was adamant they were true! 

Dr. Fenrig, enamored with this experience, shuffled through endless data pages detailing the various equipment and gear that is available on the black market here.  You can buy grenades here. People with grenades IN THEM!! He was genuinely excited about what they could buy.

Digging up information from a previous contact, Zeb, the group learned more about Tara Cold. A new pirate matron of the "Cold Hearted" pirates clan who showed up on the scene in this region from literally no where. Her past, and lack-there-of is a real mystery, one Zeb is willing to pay top dollar for if it's juicy. She has a marauder assault class corvette cruiser as her flag ship (some serious fire power there) with some people saying up to 12 fighter craft escorts. She's been hitting big targets lately, and rising up the clan ranks. There's talk that a turf war is in the works with the larger clans, as she's been cutting into others business. She's a legit bad ass, and rumors say her sex appeal is off the charts. She's on-planet right now recruiting more crew, fielding a team for the pit fighting championships and hiring independents for an extraction job. Zeb is also paying for information on the details of that extraction job. 

After a medical patch up, the group left the casino, and went to scout the meeting location. It takes 30 minutes to reach the sub-levels by foot, and once there they found a pretty nondescript supply room with mundane supplies and equipment present. A pirate arrives 10 minutes later with a bag and is surprised to see people already there. The group allow the man to set up a holo-projector system on some crates, and then he leaves. Opting to wait the 2 hours they make a few bets, with players expecting they're going to be sent to rescue the pirates daughter, or something else similar to justify the high price tag. They also expected not to be dealing with the pirate matron herself.

When the call arrives, Tara Cold is not surprised to see the group, likely her man alerted her two hours ago of the crew waiting at the meet up. They however, were surprised to be dealing with her directly. Tara had done her homework on the team, and was well aware of their skills. She detailed out the job, and why she wants a 3rd party to handle it. 

Job: Extraction/Kidnapping
Target: Peter Grey – Executive of Void Corp. Head of Logistics for the Outer Rim.
Target is to be delivered <u>alive</u> to her flag ship, "Frozen Revenge" within the next 14 days. He is currently aboard a luxury cruise ship, "The Diamond Monarch" in the Pontius System. It's a 3 week cruise, and it's currently 4 days in on it's 21 day journey.
She desires to flip the executive, and have him serve her by providing detailed information on ships, routes and cargo. Such information has extreme value to a pirate clan looking to make surgical hits. She's hiring the crew because of their well known "disagreements" with Void Corp over the years. It must look like a revenge kidnapping, otherwise Void Corp might suspect the pirates true plot. So no pirate crews, no pirate interference.  

She then provided more details about the job, complications, and other assistance the Cold Hearted pirates were willing to offer if the crew accept the terms. Intimidated by her mere holo-pressence, the group opted not to negotiate the price and accepted the job at 30,000 credits, with a 10% down payment. 

The devil in every job is in the details. So the group head back to the habitats to get more information on the target and location, before blasting off once more into the depths of space to kidnap Peter Grey.

To be continued …

Last Stand of a War Hero
A Doctorate in Distractions

Captain Hal Jaynum was first to draw his weapon. With the trained reflexes that come with years of war, the old war dog blasted Jeeter in the chest while diving for cover.

"Lets send these punks back to hell boys!" he called out inspiring his crew to battle. 

His crew leapt into action, pulling their blasters, and rushing headlong into battle. A group rushed the teams position blasting away landing a few lucky shots on Rolf as he and Jeeter both dove for cover. Frank and Lor pulled their rifles from their hiding places, and returned fire.

Dr. Fenrig however, decided to change the conditions of the fire fight, and bravely ran forward, making a b-line to the ships ramp, which was still open. Captain Hal saw the danger of the maneuver, took aimed shot to the doctors knee, hobbling the sprinting opponent. This gave his co-pilot and first mate, "Walnut" a chance to impose himself between the doctor and the ramp, and landing another blaster shot on the doctor. More crew members moved to engage the doctor, in an attempt to keep him from getting on the ship.

The distraction, while inflicting great pain on the doctor, opened the door for the rest of the team to land some hits. Jeeter managed to finish up the three crewmen who charged their positions, while Frank and Lor teamed up to snipe the first mate Walnut, blowing off his legs and taking him out of the fight. 

Hobbled, but not out of the fight, the doctor managed to knock out another crew member engaged with him, while taking yet another hit, this time from the ships engineer, who moved to flank the doctor from the front of the ship. 

Rolf, feeling rather out of place in a good ole shoot-out, tried to help out by shooting at the cover that Captain Hal was behind, with blind luck playing a bigger factor in his success rather than skill. Discouraged, the academic decided that actively helping his teammates was a better use of his time and provided suppressing fire which aided in the attacks of Frank and Lor. 

Impressed by the good doctors resilience to pain, decided to test out how much further it went, leveling a critical wound to the doctor. Knowing he was near his tolerance threshold, the doctor knocked out the remaining crewmen, and hobbled his way up the ramp in an attempt to get away from the battle. The crew fired several shots trying to gain the attention of Captain Hal, but with little success. 

Hal chased Dr. Fenrig up the ramp, blasting the doctor yet again, who at this point was barely holding on after multiple blaster and stabbing wounds. He whipped out a stimpack, and rolled off the ramp to the pad below, where the engineer at the front of the ship blasted him yet again. 

With all opposition between them and the ship removed, the mercenary duo of Frank and Lor rushed forward, blasting Hal several times. However, it was Jeeter who finished the old war hero off, while tripping on some cables in the process. 

With Captain Hal defeated, the engineer lost his bravado and decided to make a run for it. Lor, got down to one knee, lined up a shot and blasted the fleeing engineer straight in the back of the head. 

Dr. Fenrig provided stabilizing first aid to their opponent and prevented Jeeter from ending the war hero's life. Meanwhile, Rolf and Frank set to barring the doors, just in case a security team was on it's way after the loud blaster battle. Lor set to looting the weapons and equipment from the crew, happy to rebuild an arsenal of weapons and armor. 

As the crew got started on the pre-flight checks, the space port control hailed the ship as the engines came to life. Lying about how they need to get going early to cash in on a bonus for early delivery, the space port control was about to relay departure vectors when she was suddenly cut off.

In her place, Commander Highgarden was on the comms. "I know you're on that ship Jeeter. Give up now, and you won't be destroyed."  Not believing a word the commander had to say, Jeeter punched it and blasted out of the space port hanger, narrowly avoiding several other ships that were on approach to the space port.

"You can run Jeeter, but no matter where you go, I will find you.", Highgarden calmly threatened over the comms. Jeeter then proceeded to routinely mock the commander as four alliance interceptors raced in pursuit of the stolen YT-2400. 

As they closed in, Frank leveled his sniper training to his advantage to surprise the alliance interceptors, blasting one at longer range almost destroying it. A quick battle ensued thanks to the accuracy and training of the merc team. Jeeter managed to keep the damage to the ship at a minimum, dodging a few shots against the ship while Dr. Fenrig struggled to keep up as co-pilot. Rolf, coordinating the firing arcs multitasked as he had the navigational computer calculate new coordinates to the outer rim and away from the Alliance, of whom they just destroyed a few of their ships. 

Before additional ships could join the battle, the stolen Oasis Frontier ship jumped to the safety of hyperspace, with a route plotted to a recently colonized moon called Persius-6. Ten days of rest onboard the ship traveling through hyperspace followed, giving the crew time to recover and get to know each other better. Stories of their predicaments were shared, while various members trained hard on various talents and skills during the downtime. Their encounters on Yara-Von showed them that they worked well together as a team, and together they could accomplish more than if they were on their own. 

Upon arriving at the moon colony, the new crew of the stolen Gretchen were dismayed to learn there colonists didn't have much money to barter with for their stolen cargo. Only able to obtain 4000cr for their cargo, with another 4000 open to barter in services and items, they decided to settle on the deal and spent five days on the moon getting their ship repaired and plotting there next course of action. 

After weighing their options, they decided to travel to the moon base of Koplan Kaban, where Jeeter has a lockbox with 5000cr stowed away. The base is run by criminals and outlaws, so there's a good chance they'll be able to find someone to help them spoof a new transponder and registration for their stolen ship. Problem is, even if they pool their credits, they may not have enough to pay for that modification.

Taking off from the small settlement of FarCaynon on Persius-6 a new crew sets out into the great unknown of the fringes.

Smuggling Yourself
Checkpoints, Hunters and Legends

The crew, fresh off their victory against a street gang, made their way to a vantage point to recon what business goes down at a police check point. Making good use of Frank's binoculars, they spied a location for a time while formulating a plan.

Lor didn't like the idea of taking his gun apart, and tossing out his ammo pack to trick the weapon scanner. The alternatives however presented various challenges that he eventually decided to take the lessor of two evils. He grudgingly handed his gun over to Frank to take apart. 

Meanwhile, the other half of the plan was to split up, and not travel as one whole group. The cops were looking for 5 fugitives traveling together, and for the most part, larger vehicles were being flagged more often for random checks. Jeeter, Frank and Dr. Fenrig traveled in the lead car. Rolf got dressed up in drag and masqueraded as the girlfriend/wife of Lor who was driving the second car. 

It was a long wait in a line of cars to get to the bridge check point. There they saw this checkpoint was defended heavily, with a deployed auto-blaster vehicle turret guarding the point from any attempts to race by or run the point. Jeeter and company successfully passed the check point, no weapons scans were successful and the makeup work from Jeeter was enough to fool the cops recognition checks. 

Next up was Lor and Rolf, pretending to be on a honeymoon getaway. The horrid disguise of Rolf made the cop uncomfortable, and they easily passed the check point. Just passed the point, Frank notices an airspeeder out of place in the sky above, with a lone figure scanning the cars leaving the check point. From the distance, it was hard to make out who, he could only assume without using his own binoculars to check. Resisting the urge, as doing so would definitely make him stand out from the other travelers on this side of the bridge, the assumption that it was the hunter looking for them had to stand as such. 

Parking at the space station, Rolf and Frank took about 30 minutes to reassemble the guns. They talked the plan over. Objective was to pick up fresh ammo from the shopping levels of the space port, then make their way to the Oasis Frontier Corporate Sector of the station and get the ship Rolf had details on. Final destination was hanger bay 20-b.

Spaceport YOZO (Yorktown Oscar Zeta) is a massive facility and one of only a few "major" capitol ports of call in this entire galactic region. Once navigating the underground tunnels and reaching the main facility, they found it to be packed with people coming and going. Finding new power packs was an easy task, and within 15 minutes they were re-armed and ready for a fight.

And that's just what they got. Frank noticed it first, making unusual eye contact with someone he recognized from somewhere. It took a moment too long to realize it was one of the hunters from his earlier battle at the Crunchy Soy. It's clear he was talking into a commlink before ducking into the crowds to avoid a confrontation.

Alerting the others, it was decided to make a hasty retreat to the ship now. No more time for shopping. Looking up the public transportation schedules, they found a shuttle heading to the corporate rings arriving in just a couple minutes nearby. As the shuttle arrives they were greeted by 8 space port security officers who recognize them immediately, likely tipped off by the hunter. 

Frank acts first, pulling his rifle out of it's bag and aiming it at one of the security officers. The security detail, blast at him and knock him off balance with their stun bolts. The crowds in the immediate area begin to scream with panic with the sudden eruption of gunfire, running every-which way and causing pandemonium for both sides of the combat. 

Jeeter takes advantage of the chaos, and grabs himself a human shield while firing off some shots. Unfortunately, he grabbed a pregnant woman, which catches the ire of one of the security squads. They run out into the panicked crowds, taking careful aim to free the pregnant woman. Their bravery pays off, as they blast Jeeter back freeing the woman. The next security squad follows suit blasting at him again with repeated shots, causing him to drop his weapon. 

Dr. Fenrig seeing an opportunity to free himself of the mob like crowds, leaps high to grab unto the roof of the shuttle and boosts himself up there, looking for an opportunity to come crashing down their foes from above. Rolf, seeing an opportunity to help, gets the blaster carbine out for Lor, and tosses it up to the ready hands of the heavy merc. Letting out several blasts, he stuns out one of the security sergeants and gives a strong jolt to the next one. 

Marking himself as a major threat, the security detail turn their attention from Jeeter to the newly armed heavy threat, blasting him with consecutive stunning shots, causing him to drop his gun from the repeated jolts. The good doctor on high seeing his opportunity to close the gap, leaps from above with a classic WWE style body slam into a group of security officers, knocking two of them out with the maneuver. The combined blasts from Frank and Jeeter drop another 3 security officers while Rolf picks up the dropped gun, and tosses it once again into the hands of Lor. Rolf then imposed himself as a human shield for Lor, trying to give the big lug a better chance of surviving a few more stun bolts.

A noble gesture that wasn't required this time, as Lor shakes off the stunning blasts and delivers a knockout shot to the remaining security officer and ending the immediate threat. Taking advantage of the panic, the crew pull the two sergeants onto the open concept shuttle and convince the scared pilot to take them up to the corporate sector. 

In the couple minutes it takes to travel there, Rolf and Jeeter done the heavy padded uniforms/armor of the two sergeants with the plan to use it to gain access to the corporate sector of Oasis Frontier. As they leave the shuttle, they implicate the pilot in their plots, framing him to look complicit with their escape. A lowdown dirty move, as Lor and Rolf got to know the pilot who is married with two adorable daughters. 

Gaining access was surprisingly easy, the two guards at the entry point were distracted and lax in their duties. Navigating this area was a bit more difficult, but eventually Jeeter flags down a staff member working late and asked him where hanger 20-A was. The fellow was more than happy to relay directions, and as part of the conversation the name Hal Jaynum was mentioned. Frank recalled this name from his former soldiering days. That guy, if it's the same guy, was a legendary special forces mercenary 10 years ago in the war. The crew dismiss the fellow giving them information without verifying any other details and made their way to hanger 20-b.

Upon arrival, they discover that hanger 20 is a bay capable of holding 3 ships, and their target was in the center, platform B. They formed a rough plan of bluffing their way onto the ship then jacking it once on board. They did not heed the warning information about the special forces merc being a captain.

They arrive to see several crew members of the ship performing various diagnostic work, while the captain and his first mate enjoyed a coffee off to the side. These fellows appear to be enjoying the late evening and doing minor busy work in prep for their next trip to space. 

Jeeter greets the small crowd, and the captain "hails" them back.

Jeeter: "Have you seen any fugitives around these parts?" 
Captain Hal: "I hadn't seen any before, no." There was a tone to the way the captain spoke, one that made Jeeter think maybe the captain saw right through him. Body language and positioning began to quickly change. The captain moved from where he was sitting to stand confidently while addressing Jeeter.

Jeeter: "Well, I have orders to search your ship, make sure those criminals didn't sneak on there and are hiding." He was unable to sound convincing enough, his voice cracking against the confidence of the captain. 
Captain Hal: "Sure buddy, no problem. I'll just need to see those orders before I let you on my ship." At this point it had become obvious, the captains hand never left his blaster side, and after his last comment, he very obviously un-clicked his holster strap to his heavy blaster pistol. The other 8 members of his crew have stopped their busy work, with a couple of them slowly making their way to cover points. 

Sensing the situation was about to be lost, Rolf tried to inject a little charm to divert the captains attention. Lor and Frank were already reaching into their respective bags anticipating the results.

Rolf: "Listen, it'd sure be a lot of trouble that no one wants if we have to go back and get those orders." It's clear however Rolf read the situation and the confidence of the captain wrong. 
Captain Hal: "Going to be even more trouble after I put a hole in your chest." 

Everyone in that split second grab for their guns, with Captain Hal winning the draw…


To Be Continued

Stealth and The City
Casinos, Gangers and Cats... oh my.

It was dusk, the sun setting soon as the group of fugitives abandoned their vehicle and made for shadowy alley ways. Jeeter being propped up by the strong arm of Lor and attended to by Dr. Fenrig. Everyone was hurt to varying degrees, Jeeter just happened to be the worse.

A few blocks away, and concealed by the dark of an alley the group formed a plan. Three Peaks, having seen some of the footage, suggested a place, a casino called "Oceans Front" which operated as a front for an operation he knows of might be a good place to lay low for a bit. He was about to go on ahead and put in a good word for them when stopped by Lor. 

Doing whatever it would take to get these folks to put him on their "like" list, he agreed to fetch them some new clothes, to help disguise their appearances. In exchange for one dose of their ill-got glitterstim. 

It takes him roughly 10-15 minutes to go to a thrift shop, and during that process a speeding squad car whipped around a nearby corner and was racing towards their position. Frank, who was on look out, kept his cool as the cops went passing by. 

Three Peaks returned with a comical mix of colorful clothing. After disguises were made, Rolph pointed out that they were wearing mix-matched gang colors. A small argument about the effectiveness of the outfits came up, at which point Three Peaks slipped away without anyone really noticing. The hidden effectiveness of their "costumes" was that most people who recognized the significance of the outfits would typically avoid eye contact entirely. After acquiring a shopping cart, and a quick repair for a squeaky wheel by Rolph, the group was off, with Jeeter in the cart disguised as a drunk hobo that a bunch of gangers were pushing along. 

It was about 30 minutes by foot to the Oceans Front casino. Another cop patrol came swinging by, but confident in their disguises everyone kept it cool and it raced by without incident. They scoped out the place, it's tacky nature was apparent from the front. A silly animated neon sign out front of a boat, which is attacked by a shark, and then money poors into it's mouth causing it to retreat under the water until the whole thing repeated itself. 

Opting for going around to the back door, feeling they'd stick out too much going through the front door, Jeeter was happy to see the guard was from his home planet. After exchanging the appropriate secret greetings, the guard let them into the back of the casino. Three Peaks was there, greeted them and got his payment for helping them out. He let them know they're meeting with Shinobi Ren, a name he spoke quietly and with a bit of reverence. It was a school night, and he had to get back to his little girl. With a fair well wave, he was gone.

In the next room, a clean and plain storage room, an extremely well dressed man from the Core Worlds was leaning against one of the walls, accompanied by a few guards. He wanted to know why he shouldn't just turn them all in to the cops after all the problems they've caused today. A favorable response of money, services and the like were given, and a dialogue for business started up. Shinobi Ren was impressed with Lor and Franks earlier encounter with "VatWak" at the Crunchy Soy, and also happy that a few annoying cops, Lopez and Ciccirillio were now dead. 

He offered to sell them a place to rest up and treat their wounds, and to sell them information. They learned that major checkpoints have been put in place around the city, every major route out of the city has either a police or alliance check point set up. As the last information on the group was that they're still on the ground, the biggest is on the Freemasons Bridge to the spaceport.

They also learned it looked like they're using weapon scanners as part of their search process. The educated Rolph and experienced Frank knew that if they dismantle the guns sufficiently, and abandoned their power packs that they could bypass the scanner portion of a security check point. Lor however, wasn't particularly keen on what it would take to "smuggle themselves" past the check points. Dr. Fenrig mentioned swimming across the bay, avoiding the patrol boats, but Rolph and Jeeter both felt they wouldn't be able to manage such a swim.

After paying for the services of Shinobi Ren, the group made avail of the medical facilities on the third floor. Shinobi made a promise to talk more business after Frank mentioned having a ship and he'll send for them in a few hours. The combined efforts of Dr. Fenrig, Rolph and Frank, with the well stocked medical room of the casino, got most people feeling better, and their wounds patched up, ready for another round with the police should it come to that. Lor and Jeeter continued to discuss the merits of dismantling their weapons to pass a check point.

Ringo, one of Shinobi's well dressed security detail, let the group know that Shinobi had time for them now to discuss business. They were worried about the overtones of such a statement, but those concerns put to rest when they met with Shinobi in his lavish office. He offered them drinks, a variety from different arms of the galaxy. Most settled on the "Super Brandy", a rare drink refined in the rings of a gas giant called Deiter 4. Only a dozen or so crates of this are made a year, and there was a bottle of it there. Everyone save Lor partook of the drink, it's potency verified as many were unable to maintain a cool composure.  "As Lawrence would put it, a nose burn of 11". 

He complimented them on their taste and selection, mentioning most of his visitors wouldn't even dare to touch such an expensive drink. As such, a negotiation began. Shinobi detailed how one of his crews were pinched when the check points went up. They were suppose to get some cargo from the spaceport and deliver it off world. Given the crew have a ship, he'd like for them to fetch the cargo, and get it to a planet on the outer rim called Heth III. However, first he requested information about their ship, so he could set up the relevant details and verify the suitability of their ship.

Rolph wasn't being forthcoming with such information, much to the annoyance of Shinobi. The others tried to placate the stubborn captain and to lesson the annoyance to Shinobi. Eventually, Rolph let him know the bay number his ship was berthed at. After a minute of tapping and navigating his data pad, Shinobi stopped.

With a stiffled laugh, and a half smile of amusement/annoyance.  "This ship will not be carrying my cargo."  He looked at Rolph shaking his head.  "Good luck with your ship and your endeavors. I wish you all a good night, this concludes our negotiations. Ringo will see to any other needs you have, my attention is needed elsewhere." After trading the remaining drugs they had for credits, and for a set of brass knuckles that "my momma gave me these", the group were leaving the casino out the backdoor again. A little heavier on credits, knowledge and health.

The way the negotiations ended left a bit hesitation on the part of the group. Something Shinobi read on that data pad caused him to cancel the negotiations, and his reaction didn't feel reassuring. The crime boss knew something you didn't, and wasn't offering to sell the information to you. 

The backdoor guard gave Jeeter the customary secret goodbye, and let him know of a parking garage nearby where they could get some wheels. The tip was good, and within 10 minutes, the group was mobile in a sweet black van. With Rolph's expert navigation, a large chunk of traffic was avoided, as were two check points. Within 20 minutes they were at Hotel Evergreen deep in the heart of the Upper West side district of Yorktown.

After a few passes and checking the joint out, they felt safe enough that the place wasn't being watched by cops. Frank took the fire escape to the roof for overwatch and look out, while Dr. Fenrig went inside to get his cat from his 4th floor room. The cat was no where to be found, and he set about trying to find it. 

Meanwhile on the streets in front of the hotel, a small gathering started. What was at first a couple, then a half dozen, quickly grew to a dozen gangers rallied up around a big fellow and his two biker buddies. Their gang colors matched the same that Lor and Frank were wearing, so Lor went and infiltrated the group. One ganger almost gave him away, mistaking him for "Big Mike" before realizing the mistake. No one else spent a lot of time looking at Lor, just talking amongst themselves as to why they were called here. 

With his cat carrier and a bag of sundries, Dr. Fenrig came out and the problem became immediately apparent. He was wearing a different set of gang colors, and his cat carrier made it look like he just did a package pickup for a rival gang. The big guy spoke up "Now I didn't think anyone from 33rd street would be so fucking stupid to come to our turf to make a drop, but look at that, there you are. Your shit is…" he is interrupted by Lor who smacked the ganger in the back of the head hard with his stun club. Everyone draws their weapons and a street war erupts.

From the rooftop, Frank lines up a shot on one of the bikers, making a guess as to who might be in charge. One shot, one kill. It was a clean precision kill. Jeeter, getting the notice their was trouble hit the van to max speed and whirled around the corner, killing another ganger and injuring several more by plowing the van into the crowd. 

Fenrig tried to punch and run through the crowd, but only delivered a glancing blow. The other biker shot at him, missing the mark but blasted the handle to his cat carrier, causing him to drop his cat Meegan. Fenrig went into an instantaneous rage. 

The big guy who Lor sucker clubbed turned to the heavy soldier, and recognized him immediately. Shouting something about how Lor killed Herman, a statement that in context made no sense in the moment, he drew a blaster carbine and gave Lor a taste of pain. The rest of the street thugs began to scatter out of the way of the van, firing wildly at the van, Fenrig and Lor, mostly unsuccessfully. 

Lor delivered another smacking blow to the big guy, while from above, Frank provided supporting fire, ultimately causing the big guy to drop his gun. Before he could react, Lor caught the carbine and killed the mountain of a man with his own gun. Slumping to the ground, the remaining thugs appeared to be scattered, with only the biker shouting out what to do. Fenrig, still angry about having his cat shot at, hit the biker hard with a haymaker, spinning his foe about and staggering him a few feet back into the street. 

Jeeter continued his vehicle manslaughter run, splattering the staggered biker across the front of the van, all over Fenrig and all up the intakes of the van. The engine began to cough and sputter.  It was clearly time to abandon the van as it had been shot up, lost a tire and now the engine overheated. A lesson learned not to bring a family mini-van into a fire-fight.

Grabbing what few weapons were left behind, the crew fled the scene on foot, seizing this opportunity to recon a police checkpoint, to discern the protocols used.

Maybe there is a hole in their security they can exploit…

Omega Reach - Beginnings
A Prison Break - Mutual Interests

The adventure begins in Holding Cell B, at Station 85, Yorktown District on planet Yara Von 4. The newly introduced "criminals" get to talking amongst each other and a plan starts to form. Rolph, who's been arrested on murder charges he claims he was framed for, has a lead on a ship that can get everyone off-planet, assuming everyone can work together.

Dr. Fenrig, who had been in holding the longest, is aware of the patrol schedule and what sort of medical response protocols they have in place, mostly by having another prisoner in holding smash his face against the bars. 

Ultimately, the promptly formed crew attempts to goad two officers into a brawl after having witnessed them engage in a similar act earlier in the day. The two officers, Johns and Rudgar were observed to have a temper when it came to comments about their physical stature. 

Dr. Fenrig and Jeeter taunted the two cops, using Fenrig's toned physique as bait, and insinuating an ambiguity about the police-men's sexuality. It worked, and Officer John's told the overseer in the overwatch bay to "take a bathroom break" so they could issue an off the books beat down. 

The two officers were not expecting a coordinated response when they entered the cell, accustomed only to a lone wolf willing to stand up to them. Dr. Fenrig almost broke officer Johns jaw in one kick, while Jeeter and Lors wrestled and fought with Officer Rudgar. A makeshift battering ram, wielded by Frank and Rolph knocked Officer Johns unconscious and several of his teeth across the floor. 

Rudgar turned in time to receive a swinging blow to the chest, knocking him against the wall and to the floor by the same battering ram. The holding cell area erupts into a riot of noise as the other cells can't believe what just happened. 

Dr. Fenrig and Rolph rush to the overwatch bay to catch Lieutenant Bosley before he gets back and can report what just happened. The other three stay behind to let people out and organize a riot. Frank however, prevents any of the violent murderers from leaving their cells. After a few minutes, approximately 18 individuals are rallied up, and with Jeeter in the lead, now in uniform, they make a rush on the lockboxes.

In their haste, they forget to properly bind Frank and Lors. The oversight tips off the lock box quarter master who triggers a station alert. Fortunately, Fenrig and Rolph secured the overwatch bay and were able to disable it. The rioters are quick to subdue police officers in the area, giving everyone time to retrieve their gear from storage.

Captain Powell, station chief calls down within moments of the canceled station alert asking for a status report. Rolph, caught unprepared for that complication boggles his response. Another station alert is issued, and Powell alerts Response Team Bravo to use lethal force if necessary to subdue the break out. 

Dr. Fenrig wrestled an emergency medpac from some rioters, and a couple stimpacks as well. It was a tense moment, where the rioters might have turned on each other fighting over valuable scavenged loot.

As the group made their way to the surface level and the arrival bay, blaster fire ahead, and behind could be heard. Frank reached the entrance to the arrival bay first, and saw 6 dead rioters scattered between the door and a squad car. Two officers were behind cover at the car, and 2 more up ahead at the garage doors. 

More blaster fire and combat from behind could be heard, it was clear that response team bravo was dealing with the remaining rioters still in the station. 

With little option available to them, the crew bust out of the hallway and into the loading bay, blasters afire with energy, trading shots of the defending officers. Lors, over-confident in his abilities and his new found team ran too far out of cover to flank. Exposed and in the open, the officers concentrated their shots on him and he dropped from rapid successive blasts.

Frank, a seasoned soldier, stayed in his cover point and picked off threats from range while Dr. Fenrig and Jeeter rushed into to close the gap. With most of the focus being on Lars, they were successful in getting in close, with Jeeter killing officer Lopez as he called for help from his partner.

Fenrig drop kicked officer Ciccirillio to the ground while Jeeter spun around to help. Rolph rushed out to get in the car, where he took a bad shot to the shoulder from one of the remaining officers. He panic'd and drove off in the squad car, attempting to run over the police shooting at him. The action left Fenrig and Jeeter without cover and in the open. 

Enraged by his partners death, Ciccirillio opened fire sending multiple blasts into Fenrig and Jeeter, knocking them both to the ground. In the exchange, Jeeter's leg got tore up real good, crippling his leg. Laying side by side, it was Jeeter who was faster to the draw, shooting a large hole straight thru Ciccirillio's throat, ending that officer.

Rolph, coming back to his senses, turned the car about to pick up his new crew and provided them cover as they hobbled to the car and got in. With everyone aboard, and Lors receiving some much needed first aid, the heavy soldier blasted a fist sized hole in another officer as they made their escape out of the arrival bay.

Outside, a media circus was present, due to earlier events and several cameras caught the fleeing crew. A couple squad cars gave chase, but thanks to the expert driving of Frank, navigation provided by Rolph, and a brutal distraction provided by Jeeter, it only took 5-10 minutes to lose their tail.

Now, with everyone injured, some more than others, and a whole police detachment after them, the crew ditch their low-jacked squad car and look to go to ground, and get off this planet.

Escaping on foot from the abandoned police cruiser is hindered by Jeeter's crippled leg. He hobbles along alright with help, it does however become painfully obvious he needs treatment as you stick out like a sore thumb in this urban jungle with him in his condition. You are definitely drawing attention from the citizens of Yorktown and moving quickly/stealthily is out of the question.

The fellow who was in the squad car as you made your escaped and helped unintentionally, his name is "Three Peaks", and he has an idea of a place where you can lay low, get some supplies, that sort of thing.

A complication arises – the media circus caught your escape on camera and has garnered live to the minute updates. You catch some of the feed on a store TV as you're passing by. The violent riot at the prison is on the news, mug shots and photo's of the crew are now plastered on the camera's with the police asking for anyone with information of your whereabouts to contact a special hotline.

You catch a statement by Captain Powell.  "Late afternoon today, a group of detained individuals prompted a violent riot in a holding cell region of the downtown police station. Several officers were wounded are are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Sadly, on this day, we lost 3 of our finest officers as a result. They made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this community, and their bravery will be missed, but never forgotten. The perpetrators of this violent act against the YTPD and this community will be brought to justice. We are coordinating our efforts with Spaceport Authority, and regional Alliance forces to ensure these criminals are caught in a timely manner and to protect the citizens of this fine city. That is all for now, thank you, and no questions." You notice in the background, the scowling face and imposing figure of Commandant Highgarden.


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