Omega Reach

The Diamond Monarch

Laying the ground work for kidnapping

Accepting the job to kidnap Peter Grey, the crew got to work gathering the details. 

Jeeter and Frank checked out the ship, "Jokes Fortune", to see how it's rigged up to fail. Once determining it would be safe, Jeeter set in motion a plan to bring their replacement parts along for the journey. They'd need an escape option once aboard "The Diamond Monarch", and repairing their crippled ship was a safe baseline solution should no other options present themselves. 

Rolfe went to researching the cruise line, the ship and the nebula. He got a good detailed spec on the ship, passenger/crew capacity and cost for a package. He effectively ruled out boarding as valid guests at a 10,000cr a person price tag at the lowest ends. He also learned the Hopps Nebula has some interesting mysteries, and it's nature definitely supports a ship landing itself in distress as part of a cover story for getting on board the luxury liner.

Lor set about finding out information, however, he only managed to annoy patrons who were trying to watch a pit fight. His efforts landed him being escorted out until the fights were over. He had little luck on the streets themselves. 

Jeeter was in full heist planning mode. His next action was to find some uniform samples and had a set of disguises made up. Frank, with the help of Rolfe, looked up the Samariton Protocols, and learned they could be denied aid if they don't provide valid personal identifications. Jeeter contacted a Toph Rand who could do forgeries, and secured 4 fake identities, once that matched the former crew of the Jokes Fortune.

Jeeter became "Biff Turkle". 
Frank became "Filippi Sanchez".
Rolfe took on the guise of "Chet Frenchmen".
Lor accepted that he would pretend to be "Gus Miner". An ironically appropriate name.

With their packages secured, they set out on the 3 day journey around the nebula into the Pontius System. They discussed playing a game of D&D to pass the time in space.

Once in system, and locating The Diamond Monarch, they set themselves in position and activated their catastrophic engines failure, and luckily didn't blow their backup hyperdrive in the process. An hour passed, cold and dark as they waited rescue. A pod of whales however found them first and proceeded to bash away at their ship relentlessly for several minutes. Rolfe managed to lose balance and injure himself, while Jeeter recorded the colossal space whales up close. The awe of their size started to give way to fear they may actually destroy the ship when laser fire from another source began to drive the curious whales back into the nebula. 

"Jokes Fortune, this is Jay Squadron. Your ship is looking pretty rough, standby for tractor beam". The massive bulk of "The Diamond Monarch" came over head, and the "Jokes Fortune" was pulled aboard into a hanger bay. The hanger had four "CloakShape" fighter craft docked in hot-launch formation, and there was a high threat response team present to greet the players. 

After executing the Samaritan Protocol, and having their weaponry peace bonded, the group of pretend miners were escorted to some crew quarters to rest up and eat. Lor however, noticed their escort and babysitter, Jesus Dag, seemed to not enjoy his new posting. Rolfe did a little research, and deducted what bribe would be suitable to get "Private Dag" to switch sides and join them. After a little buttering up by Lor, Rolfe and Jeeter, Dag was down to help them for 1000cr and the promise respect, and a life of adventure. 

The plan at that point went as follows:

1. Repair the Jokes Fortunes sublight engines and restore the primary hyperdrive so they could jump to the Opula system and rendezvous with Tara Colds pirate fleet. Should take 1 1/2 to 2 days to complete the repairs. 

2. Use the uniforms to scout the ship and find Peter Grey. 

3. Convince Peter Grey to leave the ship with them, and make their escape.

With the help of Jesus Dag, the crew was able to smuggle their fake uniforms off the ship, and the next afternoon after arriving they set about scouting the ship. On the main concourse level of the ship, they were treated to a sight of extravagant decadence. Polished high grade woods, gold trims, marbled tiles, real trees, the luxury was almost obscene. With a little inside information from Dag, they found a common console, which they could attempt to hack. Alternatively, they knew security captains had direct access to secure information from their datapad. Jeeter was up to the task, and after finding one such captain, he moved in close, and lifted the pad unnoticed. The captain however detected moments later as he went to reach for his pad while talking to a junior officer. 

Thankfully, the captain assumed he must have left it at a security station and went back to look for it. With direct access, Rolfe was able to narrow down the states room of Peter Grey, and discovered the executive had one of just a few of the most expensive rooms and packages available for this cruise line. At this point, Jeeter realized his financial incentives to get Mr. Grey to accompany them might be a difficult sell, if the executive has that much money to throw around on a vacation. 

Just then, an announcement over the PA system was given. "The 2:30pm whale sight seeing tour is now accepting passengers. If you have a reservation, please proceed to hanger bay "A" on the port side. Checking the time, the players realize it's now 2pm on the second day aboard "The Diamond Monarch". Frank, who stayed with the ship to keep up repairs called them on the commlink.

"Hey, lets get some tuxedos or something so we can blend in with the passengers." Up to this point, it was clear the crew were not to interact with the passengers, to do otherwise would be to raise suspicion. Feeling flush with his stash money returned to him at the pirate base, Jeeter decided it was time to roll in fashion, and they visited a "JJ Tailors". He outfitted himself, Rolfe and Lor with some moderately expensive suits, dropping 1700cr on looking fly. 

As they were leaving the tailors shop, Rolfe notices the captains datapad has been remotely locked. Looks like the captain got back to the security center, and realized he didn't leave his tablet there. 

Dressed with new clothes, and Peter Grey's room number, the crew continues forward. After the fitting, it's close to 3pm aboard "The Diamond Monarch". 

To be continued…



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