Omega Reach

Omega Reach - Beginnings

A Prison Break - Mutual Interests

The adventure begins in Holding Cell B, at Station 85, Yorktown District on planet Yara Von 4. The newly introduced "criminals" get to talking amongst each other and a plan starts to form. Rolph, who's been arrested on murder charges he claims he was framed for, has a lead on a ship that can get everyone off-planet, assuming everyone can work together.

Dr. Fenrig, who had been in holding the longest, is aware of the patrol schedule and what sort of medical response protocols they have in place, mostly by having another prisoner in holding smash his face against the bars. 

Ultimately, the promptly formed crew attempts to goad two officers into a brawl after having witnessed them engage in a similar act earlier in the day. The two officers, Johns and Rudgar were observed to have a temper when it came to comments about their physical stature. 

Dr. Fenrig and Jeeter taunted the two cops, using Fenrig's toned physique as bait, and insinuating an ambiguity about the police-men's sexuality. It worked, and Officer John's told the overseer in the overwatch bay to "take a bathroom break" so they could issue an off the books beat down. 

The two officers were not expecting a coordinated response when they entered the cell, accustomed only to a lone wolf willing to stand up to them. Dr. Fenrig almost broke officer Johns jaw in one kick, while Jeeter and Lors wrestled and fought with Officer Rudgar. A makeshift battering ram, wielded by Frank and Rolph knocked Officer Johns unconscious and several of his teeth across the floor. 

Rudgar turned in time to receive a swinging blow to the chest, knocking him against the wall and to the floor by the same battering ram. The holding cell area erupts into a riot of noise as the other cells can't believe what just happened. 

Dr. Fenrig and Rolph rush to the overwatch bay to catch Lieutenant Bosley before he gets back and can report what just happened. The other three stay behind to let people out and organize a riot. Frank however, prevents any of the violent murderers from leaving their cells. After a few minutes, approximately 18 individuals are rallied up, and with Jeeter in the lead, now in uniform, they make a rush on the lockboxes.

In their haste, they forget to properly bind Frank and Lors. The oversight tips off the lock box quarter master who triggers a station alert. Fortunately, Fenrig and Rolph secured the overwatch bay and were able to disable it. The rioters are quick to subdue police officers in the area, giving everyone time to retrieve their gear from storage.

Captain Powell, station chief calls down within moments of the canceled station alert asking for a status report. Rolph, caught unprepared for that complication boggles his response. Another station alert is issued, and Powell alerts Response Team Bravo to use lethal force if necessary to subdue the break out. 

Dr. Fenrig wrestled an emergency medpac from some rioters, and a couple stimpacks as well. It was a tense moment, where the rioters might have turned on each other fighting over valuable scavenged loot.

As the group made their way to the surface level and the arrival bay, blaster fire ahead, and behind could be heard. Frank reached the entrance to the arrival bay first, and saw 6 dead rioters scattered between the door and a squad car. Two officers were behind cover at the car, and 2 more up ahead at the garage doors. 

More blaster fire and combat from behind could be heard, it was clear that response team bravo was dealing with the remaining rioters still in the station. 

With little option available to them, the crew bust out of the hallway and into the loading bay, blasters afire with energy, trading shots of the defending officers. Lors, over-confident in his abilities and his new found team ran too far out of cover to flank. Exposed and in the open, the officers concentrated their shots on him and he dropped from rapid successive blasts.

Frank, a seasoned soldier, stayed in his cover point and picked off threats from range while Dr. Fenrig and Jeeter rushed into to close the gap. With most of the focus being on Lars, they were successful in getting in close, with Jeeter killing officer Lopez as he called for help from his partner.

Fenrig drop kicked officer Ciccirillio to the ground while Jeeter spun around to help. Rolph rushed out to get in the car, where he took a bad shot to the shoulder from one of the remaining officers. He panic'd and drove off in the squad car, attempting to run over the police shooting at him. The action left Fenrig and Jeeter without cover and in the open. 

Enraged by his partners death, Ciccirillio opened fire sending multiple blasts into Fenrig and Jeeter, knocking them both to the ground. In the exchange, Jeeter's leg got tore up real good, crippling his leg. Laying side by side, it was Jeeter who was faster to the draw, shooting a large hole straight thru Ciccirillio's throat, ending that officer.

Rolph, coming back to his senses, turned the car about to pick up his new crew and provided them cover as they hobbled to the car and got in. With everyone aboard, and Lors receiving some much needed first aid, the heavy soldier blasted a fist sized hole in another officer as they made their escape out of the arrival bay.

Outside, a media circus was present, due to earlier events and several cameras caught the fleeing crew. A couple squad cars gave chase, but thanks to the expert driving of Frank, navigation provided by Rolph, and a brutal distraction provided by Jeeter, it only took 5-10 minutes to lose their tail.

Now, with everyone injured, some more than others, and a whole police detachment after them, the crew ditch their low-jacked squad car and look to go to ground, and get off this planet.

Escaping on foot from the abandoned police cruiser is hindered by Jeeter's crippled leg. He hobbles along alright with help, it does however become painfully obvious he needs treatment as you stick out like a sore thumb in this urban jungle with him in his condition. You are definitely drawing attention from the citizens of Yorktown and moving quickly/stealthily is out of the question.

The fellow who was in the squad car as you made your escaped and helped unintentionally, his name is "Three Peaks", and he has an idea of a place where you can lay low, get some supplies, that sort of thing.

A complication arises – the media circus caught your escape on camera and has garnered live to the minute updates. You catch some of the feed on a store TV as you're passing by. The violent riot at the prison is on the news, mug shots and photo's of the crew are now plastered on the camera's with the police asking for anyone with information of your whereabouts to contact a special hotline.

You catch a statement by Captain Powell.  "Late afternoon today, a group of detained individuals prompted a violent riot in a holding cell region of the downtown police station. Several officers were wounded are are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Sadly, on this day, we lost 3 of our finest officers as a result. They made the ultimate sacrifice protecting this community, and their bravery will be missed, but never forgotten. The perpetrators of this violent act against the YTPD and this community will be brought to justice. We are coordinating our efforts with Spaceport Authority, and regional Alliance forces to ensure these criminals are caught in a timely manner and to protect the citizens of this fine city. That is all for now, thank you, and no questions." You notice in the background, the scowling face and imposing figure of Commandant Highgarden.



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