Omega Reach

Stealth and The City

Casinos, Gangers and Cats... oh my.

It was dusk, the sun setting soon as the group of fugitives abandoned their vehicle and made for shadowy alley ways. Jeeter being propped up by the strong arm of Lor and attended to by Dr. Fenrig. Everyone was hurt to varying degrees, Jeeter just happened to be the worse.

A few blocks away, and concealed by the dark of an alley the group formed a plan. Three Peaks, having seen some of the footage, suggested a place, a casino called "Oceans Front" which operated as a front for an operation he knows of might be a good place to lay low for a bit. He was about to go on ahead and put in a good word for them when stopped by Lor. 

Doing whatever it would take to get these folks to put him on their "like" list, he agreed to fetch them some new clothes, to help disguise their appearances. In exchange for one dose of their ill-got glitterstim. 

It takes him roughly 10-15 minutes to go to a thrift shop, and during that process a speeding squad car whipped around a nearby corner and was racing towards their position. Frank, who was on look out, kept his cool as the cops went passing by. 

Three Peaks returned with a comical mix of colorful clothing. After disguises were made, Rolph pointed out that they were wearing mix-matched gang colors. A small argument about the effectiveness of the outfits came up, at which point Three Peaks slipped away without anyone really noticing. The hidden effectiveness of their "costumes" was that most people who recognized the significance of the outfits would typically avoid eye contact entirely. After acquiring a shopping cart, and a quick repair for a squeaky wheel by Rolph, the group was off, with Jeeter in the cart disguised as a drunk hobo that a bunch of gangers were pushing along. 

It was about 30 minutes by foot to the Oceans Front casino. Another cop patrol came swinging by, but confident in their disguises everyone kept it cool and it raced by without incident. They scoped out the place, it's tacky nature was apparent from the front. A silly animated neon sign out front of a boat, which is attacked by a shark, and then money poors into it's mouth causing it to retreat under the water until the whole thing repeated itself. 

Opting for going around to the back door, feeling they'd stick out too much going through the front door, Jeeter was happy to see the guard was from his home planet. After exchanging the appropriate secret greetings, the guard let them into the back of the casino. Three Peaks was there, greeted them and got his payment for helping them out. He let them know they're meeting with Shinobi Ren, a name he spoke quietly and with a bit of reverence. It was a school night, and he had to get back to his little girl. With a fair well wave, he was gone.

In the next room, a clean and plain storage room, an extremely well dressed man from the Core Worlds was leaning against one of the walls, accompanied by a few guards. He wanted to know why he shouldn't just turn them all in to the cops after all the problems they've caused today. A favorable response of money, services and the like were given, and a dialogue for business started up. Shinobi Ren was impressed with Lor and Franks earlier encounter with "VatWak" at the Crunchy Soy, and also happy that a few annoying cops, Lopez and Ciccirillio were now dead. 

He offered to sell them a place to rest up and treat their wounds, and to sell them information. They learned that major checkpoints have been put in place around the city, every major route out of the city has either a police or alliance check point set up. As the last information on the group was that they're still on the ground, the biggest is on the Freemasons Bridge to the spaceport.

They also learned it looked like they're using weapon scanners as part of their search process. The educated Rolph and experienced Frank knew that if they dismantle the guns sufficiently, and abandoned their power packs that they could bypass the scanner portion of a security check point. Lor however, wasn't particularly keen on what it would take to "smuggle themselves" past the check points. Dr. Fenrig mentioned swimming across the bay, avoiding the patrol boats, but Rolph and Jeeter both felt they wouldn't be able to manage such a swim.

After paying for the services of Shinobi Ren, the group made avail of the medical facilities on the third floor. Shinobi made a promise to talk more business after Frank mentioned having a ship and he'll send for them in a few hours. The combined efforts of Dr. Fenrig, Rolph and Frank, with the well stocked medical room of the casino, got most people feeling better, and their wounds patched up, ready for another round with the police should it come to that. Lor and Jeeter continued to discuss the merits of dismantling their weapons to pass a check point.

Ringo, one of Shinobi's well dressed security detail, let the group know that Shinobi had time for them now to discuss business. They were worried about the overtones of such a statement, but those concerns put to rest when they met with Shinobi in his lavish office. He offered them drinks, a variety from different arms of the galaxy. Most settled on the "Super Brandy", a rare drink refined in the rings of a gas giant called Deiter 4. Only a dozen or so crates of this are made a year, and there was a bottle of it there. Everyone save Lor partook of the drink, it's potency verified as many were unable to maintain a cool composure.  "As Lawrence would put it, a nose burn of 11". 

He complimented them on their taste and selection, mentioning most of his visitors wouldn't even dare to touch such an expensive drink. As such, a negotiation began. Shinobi detailed how one of his crews were pinched when the check points went up. They were suppose to get some cargo from the spaceport and deliver it off world. Given the crew have a ship, he'd like for them to fetch the cargo, and get it to a planet on the outer rim called Heth III. However, first he requested information about their ship, so he could set up the relevant details and verify the suitability of their ship.

Rolph wasn't being forthcoming with such information, much to the annoyance of Shinobi. The others tried to placate the stubborn captain and to lesson the annoyance to Shinobi. Eventually, Rolph let him know the bay number his ship was berthed at. After a minute of tapping and navigating his data pad, Shinobi stopped.

With a stiffled laugh, and a half smile of amusement/annoyance.  "This ship will not be carrying my cargo."  He looked at Rolph shaking his head.  "Good luck with your ship and your endeavors. I wish you all a good night, this concludes our negotiations. Ringo will see to any other needs you have, my attention is needed elsewhere." After trading the remaining drugs they had for credits, and for a set of brass knuckles that "my momma gave me these", the group were leaving the casino out the backdoor again. A little heavier on credits, knowledge and health.

The way the negotiations ended left a bit hesitation on the part of the group. Something Shinobi read on that data pad caused him to cancel the negotiations, and his reaction didn't feel reassuring. The crime boss knew something you didn't, and wasn't offering to sell the information to you. 

The backdoor guard gave Jeeter the customary secret goodbye, and let him know of a parking garage nearby where they could get some wheels. The tip was good, and within 10 minutes, the group was mobile in a sweet black van. With Rolph's expert navigation, a large chunk of traffic was avoided, as were two check points. Within 20 minutes they were at Hotel Evergreen deep in the heart of the Upper West side district of Yorktown.

After a few passes and checking the joint out, they felt safe enough that the place wasn't being watched by cops. Frank took the fire escape to the roof for overwatch and look out, while Dr. Fenrig went inside to get his cat from his 4th floor room. The cat was no where to be found, and he set about trying to find it. 

Meanwhile on the streets in front of the hotel, a small gathering started. What was at first a couple, then a half dozen, quickly grew to a dozen gangers rallied up around a big fellow and his two biker buddies. Their gang colors matched the same that Lor and Frank were wearing, so Lor went and infiltrated the group. One ganger almost gave him away, mistaking him for "Big Mike" before realizing the mistake. No one else spent a lot of time looking at Lor, just talking amongst themselves as to why they were called here. 

With his cat carrier and a bag of sundries, Dr. Fenrig came out and the problem became immediately apparent. He was wearing a different set of gang colors, and his cat carrier made it look like he just did a package pickup for a rival gang. The big guy spoke up "Now I didn't think anyone from 33rd street would be so fucking stupid to come to our turf to make a drop, but look at that, there you are. Your shit is…" he is interrupted by Lor who smacked the ganger in the back of the head hard with his stun club. Everyone draws their weapons and a street war erupts.

From the rooftop, Frank lines up a shot on one of the bikers, making a guess as to who might be in charge. One shot, one kill. It was a clean precision kill. Jeeter, getting the notice their was trouble hit the van to max speed and whirled around the corner, killing another ganger and injuring several more by plowing the van into the crowd. 

Fenrig tried to punch and run through the crowd, but only delivered a glancing blow. The other biker shot at him, missing the mark but blasted the handle to his cat carrier, causing him to drop his cat Meegan. Fenrig went into an instantaneous rage. 

The big guy who Lor sucker clubbed turned to the heavy soldier, and recognized him immediately. Shouting something about how Lor killed Herman, a statement that in context made no sense in the moment, he drew a blaster carbine and gave Lor a taste of pain. The rest of the street thugs began to scatter out of the way of the van, firing wildly at the van, Fenrig and Lor, mostly unsuccessfully. 

Lor delivered another smacking blow to the big guy, while from above, Frank provided supporting fire, ultimately causing the big guy to drop his gun. Before he could react, Lor caught the carbine and killed the mountain of a man with his own gun. Slumping to the ground, the remaining thugs appeared to be scattered, with only the biker shouting out what to do. Fenrig, still angry about having his cat shot at, hit the biker hard with a haymaker, spinning his foe about and staggering him a few feet back into the street. 

Jeeter continued his vehicle manslaughter run, splattering the staggered biker across the front of the van, all over Fenrig and all up the intakes of the van. The engine began to cough and sputter.  It was clearly time to abandon the van as it had been shot up, lost a tire and now the engine overheated. A lesson learned not to bring a family mini-van into a fire-fight.

Grabbing what few weapons were left behind, the crew fled the scene on foot, seizing this opportunity to recon a police checkpoint, to discern the protocols used.

Maybe there is a hole in their security they can exploit…



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