Omega Reach

Smuggling Yourself

Checkpoints, Hunters and Legends

The crew, fresh off their victory against a street gang, made their way to a vantage point to recon what business goes down at a police check point. Making good use of Frank's binoculars, they spied a location for a time while formulating a plan.

Lor didn't like the idea of taking his gun apart, and tossing out his ammo pack to trick the weapon scanner. The alternatives however presented various challenges that he eventually decided to take the lessor of two evils. He grudgingly handed his gun over to Frank to take apart. 

Meanwhile, the other half of the plan was to split up, and not travel as one whole group. The cops were looking for 5 fugitives traveling together, and for the most part, larger vehicles were being flagged more often for random checks. Jeeter, Frank and Dr. Fenrig traveled in the lead car. Rolf got dressed up in drag and masqueraded as the girlfriend/wife of Lor who was driving the second car. 

It was a long wait in a line of cars to get to the bridge check point. There they saw this checkpoint was defended heavily, with a deployed auto-blaster vehicle turret guarding the point from any attempts to race by or run the point. Jeeter and company successfully passed the check point, no weapons scans were successful and the makeup work from Jeeter was enough to fool the cops recognition checks. 

Next up was Lor and Rolf, pretending to be on a honeymoon getaway. The horrid disguise of Rolf made the cop uncomfortable, and they easily passed the check point. Just passed the point, Frank notices an airspeeder out of place in the sky above, with a lone figure scanning the cars leaving the check point. From the distance, it was hard to make out who, he could only assume without using his own binoculars to check. Resisting the urge, as doing so would definitely make him stand out from the other travelers on this side of the bridge, the assumption that it was the hunter looking for them had to stand as such. 

Parking at the space station, Rolf and Frank took about 30 minutes to reassemble the guns. They talked the plan over. Objective was to pick up fresh ammo from the shopping levels of the space port, then make their way to the Oasis Frontier Corporate Sector of the station and get the ship Rolf had details on. Final destination was hanger bay 20-b.

Spaceport YOZO (Yorktown Oscar Zeta) is a massive facility and one of only a few "major" capitol ports of call in this entire galactic region. Once navigating the underground tunnels and reaching the main facility, they found it to be packed with people coming and going. Finding new power packs was an easy task, and within 15 minutes they were re-armed and ready for a fight.

And that's just what they got. Frank noticed it first, making unusual eye contact with someone he recognized from somewhere. It took a moment too long to realize it was one of the hunters from his earlier battle at the Crunchy Soy. It's clear he was talking into a commlink before ducking into the crowds to avoid a confrontation.

Alerting the others, it was decided to make a hasty retreat to the ship now. No more time for shopping. Looking up the public transportation schedules, they found a shuttle heading to the corporate rings arriving in just a couple minutes nearby. As the shuttle arrives they were greeted by 8 space port security officers who recognize them immediately, likely tipped off by the hunter. 

Frank acts first, pulling his rifle out of it's bag and aiming it at one of the security officers. The security detail, blast at him and knock him off balance with their stun bolts. The crowds in the immediate area begin to scream with panic with the sudden eruption of gunfire, running every-which way and causing pandemonium for both sides of the combat. 

Jeeter takes advantage of the chaos, and grabs himself a human shield while firing off some shots. Unfortunately, he grabbed a pregnant woman, which catches the ire of one of the security squads. They run out into the panicked crowds, taking careful aim to free the pregnant woman. Their bravery pays off, as they blast Jeeter back freeing the woman. The next security squad follows suit blasting at him again with repeated shots, causing him to drop his weapon. 

Dr. Fenrig seeing an opportunity to free himself of the mob like crowds, leaps high to grab unto the roof of the shuttle and boosts himself up there, looking for an opportunity to come crashing down their foes from above. Rolf, seeing an opportunity to help, gets the blaster carbine out for Lor, and tosses it up to the ready hands of the heavy merc. Letting out several blasts, he stuns out one of the security sergeants and gives a strong jolt to the next one. 

Marking himself as a major threat, the security detail turn their attention from Jeeter to the newly armed heavy threat, blasting him with consecutive stunning shots, causing him to drop his gun from the repeated jolts. The good doctor on high seeing his opportunity to close the gap, leaps from above with a classic WWE style body slam into a group of security officers, knocking two of them out with the maneuver. The combined blasts from Frank and Jeeter drop another 3 security officers while Rolf picks up the dropped gun, and tosses it once again into the hands of Lor. Rolf then imposed himself as a human shield for Lor, trying to give the big lug a better chance of surviving a few more stun bolts.

A noble gesture that wasn't required this time, as Lor shakes off the stunning blasts and delivers a knockout shot to the remaining security officer and ending the immediate threat. Taking advantage of the panic, the crew pull the two sergeants onto the open concept shuttle and convince the scared pilot to take them up to the corporate sector. 

In the couple minutes it takes to travel there, Rolf and Jeeter done the heavy padded uniforms/armor of the two sergeants with the plan to use it to gain access to the corporate sector of Oasis Frontier. As they leave the shuttle, they implicate the pilot in their plots, framing him to look complicit with their escape. A lowdown dirty move, as Lor and Rolf got to know the pilot who is married with two adorable daughters. 

Gaining access was surprisingly easy, the two guards at the entry point were distracted and lax in their duties. Navigating this area was a bit more difficult, but eventually Jeeter flags down a staff member working late and asked him where hanger 20-A was. The fellow was more than happy to relay directions, and as part of the conversation the name Hal Jaynum was mentioned. Frank recalled this name from his former soldiering days. That guy, if it's the same guy, was a legendary special forces mercenary 10 years ago in the war. The crew dismiss the fellow giving them information without verifying any other details and made their way to hanger 20-b.

Upon arrival, they discover that hanger 20 is a bay capable of holding 3 ships, and their target was in the center, platform B. They formed a rough plan of bluffing their way onto the ship then jacking it once on board. They did not heed the warning information about the special forces merc being a captain.

They arrive to see several crew members of the ship performing various diagnostic work, while the captain and his first mate enjoyed a coffee off to the side. These fellows appear to be enjoying the late evening and doing minor busy work in prep for their next trip to space. 

Jeeter greets the small crowd, and the captain "hails" them back.

Jeeter: "Have you seen any fugitives around these parts?" 
Captain Hal: "I hadn't seen any before, no." There was a tone to the way the captain spoke, one that made Jeeter think maybe the captain saw right through him. Body language and positioning began to quickly change. The captain moved from where he was sitting to stand confidently while addressing Jeeter.

Jeeter: "Well, I have orders to search your ship, make sure those criminals didn't sneak on there and are hiding." He was unable to sound convincing enough, his voice cracking against the confidence of the captain. 
Captain Hal: "Sure buddy, no problem. I'll just need to see those orders before I let you on my ship." At this point it had become obvious, the captains hand never left his blaster side, and after his last comment, he very obviously un-clicked his holster strap to his heavy blaster pistol. The other 8 members of his crew have stopped their busy work, with a couple of them slowly making their way to cover points. 

Sensing the situation was about to be lost, Rolf tried to inject a little charm to divert the captains attention. Lor and Frank were already reaching into their respective bags anticipating the results.

Rolf: "Listen, it'd sure be a lot of trouble that no one wants if we have to go back and get those orders." It's clear however Rolf read the situation and the confidence of the captain wrong. 
Captain Hal: "Going to be even more trouble after I put a hole in your chest." 

Everyone in that split second grab for their guns, with Captain Hal winning the draw…


To Be Continued



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