Omega Reach

Kidnapping Peter Grey

...and a few others too

Finding Peter Grey in a ship with thousands of passengers wasn't going to be easy. The penthouse level of suites weren't accessible without a special key card. A quick call down to Jesus Dag, he began the process of acquiring one from security discretely. 

However, armed with a recent photo of the executive, they began to search current events and venues to find their prey. After a few places came up bust, they found him with a young attractive woman enjoying a Jazz show in a small bar, recreating an old 1920's style era. The room had a large number of guests, so blending in was easy. Jeeter managed to identify at least 6 bodyguards in the room, in a bubble formation with Peter Grey being the center of it. 

Lor took about hobnobbing with the rich, older women, in search for a suger momma. His first few attempts failed, and he resigned himself to get free drinks from a grandmother named Doris McGarny, who regaled him with stories of her children and grand-children. As long as she kept buying him drinks, he did not mind the stories nor the distraction she provided him. 

While Lor, Rolfe and Jeeter hobnobbed in the upper class, Frank and Dr. Fenrig were allocated to mechanical repair work aboard the Jokes Fortune. A poor deal that they didn't really seem to mind.

Over the next 24-48 hours, the group took turns putting surveillance on Peter Grey, so that his watchful guards wouldn't become suspicious. They learned he liked to keep a pretty consistent routine. Breakfast alone, usually in a lounge with a view of the Nebula. Followed by a morning of swimming, again, alone with no one else in that particular pool, with his body guards watching the area. Lunch was always somewhere different, and accompanied by the young heiress Winny Tiss. Together they would catch a live show in the afternoon. By dinner, he would change his company to the lovely Kelly Vanders, a beautiful and comparably more mature woman. They would eat and spend the night dancing at one of the various venues offered on the ship. He would then return alone to his suite, to repeat the day again at different places, but with the same people. It was unclear to the group if the man Peter Grey was gay, or was batman. Both women were clearly infatuated with him, but he never took them back to his room.

The only hiccup during the two days, was the unfortunate run in with one of the ships security details doing a routine patrol. Having recognized the group, and knowing they were not where they should be, he tried to raise an alarm. However, Jeeter and Rolfe were faster than him, and after grabbing his gun, stunned him unconscious. With Dr. Fenrig's help, they drugged the man to remain unconscious for several hours. However, on the second application, there was an unexpected complication, and the security detail died of a fatal heart attack. Likely due to a pre-existing condition, or so the doctor claimed. Later that same night, with Private Dags help, they hid the corpse in the turbo-lift shaft. Luck was on their side, as the dead security patrolman wasn't well liked and did a piss poor job, so there wasn't a lot of people looking for the AWOL crewman, at least not yet.

Over the two days, several plans were postulated, but only one formed as the agreed upon solution. Using the reclusive personality of Toby Roman, an outer rim billionaire whom many know of, but few have actually seen, the group would lay a trap for Peter Grey, luring him from his routine schedule with a private tour on a shuttle of the nebula and whales. 

Once aboard the shuttle, the group would subdue Peter Grey, hijack the shuttle and dock with the Jokes Fortune. Once docked, they'd transfer themselves and Peter Grey and jump away safely before the escort of the Diamond Monarch could be alerted. The route of the shuttle took them into the Nebula, where visually they were obscured, and while scanners still worked, they were less effective. It provided cover, and limited the involvement of ship security to just that of Peter's personal bodyguards.  Given his behavioral patterns, he often kept his guard at a distance when with his lady friends, so involving them gave them a better chance at less security.

After a trial run however, the Diamond Monarch did not believe the ruse of Frank and Rolfe that the ship needed a few more repairs before being space worthy. After an examination of the ship, they gave the crew of the Jokes Fortune 24hrs to leave, as they were revoking Samaritan Protocol on grounds their ship was adequate enough to make a trip to a safe port on it's own volition. 

Fortunately, it was just enough time to put the plan into action. Charming a tour guide, Jeeter managed to get her to reserve a whole shuttle for the following afternoon. She was clearly attracted to the criminal bad boy type, as she was quickly "giving up the goods" in a crew supply closet shortly there-after. Frank and Doris began spreading rumors that Toby Roman was on-board under an assumed alias "Türd Fürgeson", causing quite the stir onboard of speculation and rumor. 

A forged invitation for Peter Grey and a guest was made, and they then opted to use the youth and naivety of Winny Tiss to their advantage, presenting it to her and then using her to convince Peter to attend. It almost didn't work, and in a way failed to get the reaction they had hoped. Peter was suspicious of the invitation, and when he showed up for the tour, he had more bodyguards than expected with him in tow. Dr Fenrig was to pretend to be Toby Roman, while Jeeter and Frank masqueraded as his security guards. 

Meanwhile, Rolfe, Jesus Dag and Frank made their way to the Jokes Fortune, to time another test flight at the same time the tour shuttle was departing. Arriving in the Keel hanger-bay, Frank almost needed a change in pants at what he saw parked there.  "Vodka Shots", a firespray style patrol craft, one of only a handful in existence, and this one in the ownership of Coren Svatwakowski, the hunter chasing him and Frank since Yara-Von.  He began to move on double-time, as an encounter with the group split up with a bounty hunter was not something he wanted to risk. When requesting permission for one final test flight, the hanger security dispatch began to stall them. Panic began to set in, could they risk making a run for it, chancing the gambit of ship defenses to make it to hyper-space?

Unable to tell if the hunter Coren was outside their ship or not after some hesitation, Frank made a call and took off without clearance. Too much risk trying to cross the ship to join up with their friends at the shuttle. 


Meanwhile on the shuttle, there was a tension in the shuttle. After some distance was between the Diamond Monarch and shuttle #3, Peter Grey finally made a confession. 

"There's been threats on my life recently, and I'm sorry to say this Toby Roman, but your security detail has been infiltrated! I know who you are Lor Enz." With that, all four of his guards draw their weapons to shoot at Lor. A scuffle breaks out in the cabin. Dr. Fenrig punched Peter Grey to the ground, where he remained taking cover under his security. Jeeter and Lor exchanged blaster fire, using stun bolts to ensure their quarry remained un-injured in the fight. However, the bodyguards were using lethal rounds, and kept blasting at Lor and Dr.  Fenrig with multiple hits. Some quick shooting and thinking from Lor disabled the ships communication relay, preventing the pilot crew of alerting the Diamond Monarch of the battle. The cruise ship however, had other priorities at that moment.


Frank was doing his best to bank and roll the Jokes Fortune, but space piloting wasn't exactly his forte. The massive cruise ship kept pace initially, and eventually got a lock with the ventral tractor beam. If he didn't act quickly, they'd be stuck and unable to jump to safety. Sending a coded message to Lor that they had to abandon the meet up due to complications, he began a series of maneuvers to roll out of the firing arc of the tractor beam. Jesus Dag kept blasting away at the gun-placement, having limited success but not enough to disable the gun. Rolfe was busy putting in hyper space revisions and providing firing solutions for Jesus Dag to act on. The situation looked bleak as the cruise ship managed to match Franks evasive maneuvers and the tractor beam continued to tighten it's hold on the ship. 

Finally jumping in the co-pilots seat, together Rolfe and Frank managed to spin the ship and bank it up and around to the port side of the Diamond Monarch, out of range of the tractor beam and thus breaking it's hold on the vessel. Jesus called up in a panic, "ugh guys, we got bigger problems now!" as the ship buzzed passed a Heavy Ion Cannon turret swiveling to take a shot. It narrowly missed the Jokes Fortune moments before the starscape stretched before them and they jumped to the safety of hyper space. 

Lor, Jeeter and Dr. Fenrig were now on their own on a shuttle outnumbered by body guards.


A successful neck strike dropped the first of four body guards. Jeeter and Lor focused fire, blasting the heavy pistol from the hands of not one, but two body guards. Dr. Fenrig moved in on the one they were focusing on, and after a deft knee-to-groin maneuver, a second guard was down. Frank stun blasted a third, and knocked the fourth to the ground with a shot to the leg. With no gun, and on the ground, the final remaining body guard made a panicked dash for his weapon. Jeeter was done with this fight, and finished him off with a shot to the back of the head. 

They were a little less for wear after the fight, with Lor having a couple minor nicks from plastic debris from his cover cutting at him. Dr. Fenrig threatened the pilots to maintain course into the nebula, and after realizing their friends had to abandon them, got to work binding the shuttle crew and plotting a hyper space jump. The shuttle didn't have a fast hyper-drive, but it would suffice in the situation. About 5 minutes later, they were clear of the nebula and jumping to safety. In the commotion of the Jokes Fortune's departure, the Diamond Monarch was blinded to the sudden course correction and hyper-jump of one of it's shuttles until it was too late. 


Several days later, the crew reunited and their target safely acquired, they met with the Cold Hearted pirates at the designated coordinates. Happy with the job done, they were paid handsomely. The crew had their first successful mission together under their belts now, with a looming decision on what to do next?

1. Do they take additional work from Tara Cold, who is offering another big paying job to re-insert Peter Grey?

2. Return to Koplan Kaban to deal with the threat of Coren Svatwakowski, who is still hunting them? They just received intel that he's threatening their friend and information merchant Zeb. 

3. Get their ship clean and registered, to set off for adventure elsewhere in the cosmos? 

4. Or investigate any number of fresh new leads that they have learned about in the past 2 weeks? 

A new adventure awaits next week.



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